Collaboration Tools for the Brigade

Hello Brigade!

A few of us have brought up the possibility of having an official Cookie Brigade Slack or Discord channel before. I wanted to see what your thoughts were, and if there was a general preference.

I’m only involved in East right now so I’m unsure if other PAXes use GroupMe like we do. Though GroupMe serves a good purpose (to connect the East brigadiers), Discord or Slack would allow us to set up different subgroups / channels for each PAX and other CB events. I think it’s important to be able to share information across the Brigade, no matter what PAX(es) you’re attending. :slight_smile:

For South and East, we had pre-PAX planning meetings on Discord, and they seemed to go well. I also like how Discord has specific voice channels - so we can better collaborate and have group meetings every so often.

At work, I use Slack all the time, so I’m indifferent to either. Both applications are accessible via web, computer app, and mobile app (really important for on-the-go communication as we’re distributing!).

Overall, just trying to increase communication across the Brigade and connect more people.

Please let us know your thoughts here.


I’m a huge fan of Discord.

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Mav and I also prefer discord.

For what it’s worth I noticed the comments and not the poll, apparently you need to scroll up and click your vote. Please tell me I’m not the only one who missed this.

I also use Discord. For damn near everything. XD

I’m afraid I’m gonna be outvoted here :-\ I don’t use discord for anything but I do use slack for other groups, so I prefer slack.

We talked about this during the organizer meeting tonight. It was close and we went back and forth, but Slack won in the end. I’ll be setting up the East and general Slack channels Soon[sup]tm[/sup]