Did some test bakes...

Peanut Butter, Sriracha, Dark Chocolate Chip:

Fruit Cake (Dried Cherries, Toasted Almond, White chocolate)

Green Tea, White Chocolate chip

Chewy Ginger with candied ginger

Rum, Toasted Almond, Dark chocolate

I need more rum in the last one, otherwise they were all huge success for my family and neighbors on Xmas.

Sorry, rum is a no-no. I know the alcohol bakes off so you can’t get drunk, but we decided years ago that we still didn’t want to include any alcohol cookies in our PAX goodies. There may be other events where it will be ok.

What about the ‘rum flavor’ that you can find in the same spot you get vanilla extract in the store?

Oh I forgot that was a thing. You can use it, but please include on your cookie label that it is rum flavoring/extract and not real rum.

Does the rum flavour give the same taste as that of original?

I wouldn’t say the same flavor, but it is a way to get around the ‘no booze’ rule.