Eco-Friendly Packaging

Hi there!

One of the ways that I think we can help improve the Brigade is by looking into Eco Friendly packaging. We make a lot of cookies and individually wrap them, so why not figure out a way to help the environment while helping kids. I know in Seattle, we have designated bins around downtown that accept recyclables along with our convention center. Here are some websites that I found that can be used for eco friendly packaging.

Please post more on what you think about this and if there are any other sites that should be looked at. :slight_smile:

[size=2]I just thought I would resurrect this post since it is on my mind after PAX South. Thanks to fellow baker Exclaimella, we have been using a heat sealer and eco-friendly bags. The cost of doing these has not been too steep, all things considered, so if you fancy the way our cookie packages look, and want a way to be eco-friendly, check out this as an option.

Uline Impulse Heat Sealer for $88:

ClearBags Compost-able Heat Seal Bags (100 pieces (1 pack) for $10, and that price goes down if you buy more. Example: 20 packs for $4.50 per pack)[/size]

I’ve got a pretty basic vacuum sealer that I use with my sous vide. Would you know if that would work just as well for these bags?

This is the wording about the packaging on the product page:

“These bags can be sealed closed at the top with a crimp sealer, a poly heat sealer, or by attaching a header card.”

I think you have to have direct heat crimping the end of the bag in order for it to seal. So I don’t think a sous vide would apply that type of heat, although I’ve never used one so I’m not positive.

I should also point out that they have what look like zip-lock type baggies that are eco-friendly as well:

I just found the Clear Bags and I’m thinking of getting these for my cookies. Less than $12 for 100 bags + shipping is pretty good for compostable bags that come in flap seal or heat seal.