Packing China

Hello everyone around here. This isn’t directly related to cooking but still I hope this won’t look out of place here. We are moving to a new apartment and I need to pack my fine china. I actually have a lot of china coz I love them and buy every other design that I see. So far I hadn’t have to pack china so I not very sure of the packing procedures, I did find some blogs online about packing and storing china. If you have some firsthand experience about this then let me know how you did this.

I have some random teacups that are porcelain. I’ve always just wrapped them in paper, or I will use my towels, washcloths, etc. as wrapping material. It all needs to be moved anyway, so I may as well put it to use.

We are about to move and I just got some great advice on packing plates. I was told to buy dollar store paper plates and put them between each one then tape around them! I normally wrap cups in newsprint or old wrapping paper.